Zia Teaching Academy

120 Hour TEFL Course


About the course

Zia Teaching Academy's 120-hour course is specialized in Online Teaching. The course is internationally accredited and will qualify you to teach online as an ESL teacher. The course has been carefully structured and adapted in line with international ESL standards to prepare you immensely for the world of online teaching. The course includes everything you need to know and prepares you for various scenarios as you move into the career path of online teaching. The course has a unique syllabus that gives you quality training at an affordable price. As a bonus you will also receive a bonus chapter on how to set up for private online tuition, a free digital resource booklet and our updated list of companies to apply to. The course is perfect for those who only want to teach online and does not require for you to have any experience or a degree to join. 

Price: ​R450 once of fee ​(certification included) 

How long will it take to complete? 

​The course is self-paced, so you are welcome to take as long as you need. Minimum time of completion is 120hours. Which equals to a week full time. 

What will I learn in the course?

The course has been split into 3 core modules. Each module helps to prepare you with all the knowledge you need to know to teach English online, the type of students you will get, how to teach different types of students and prepares you for various scenarios that you will face when teaching online. As a bonus we have also included a host of information on how to set up for your online classes, what equipment you will need as well as how to set up for private tuition. The modules you will come across in the course include: 

Module 1: Teaching ESL (English as a Secondary Language) Online:

Teaching different nationalities

Culture adaptation and Ethics

Appropriacy in topics for discussion

Adapting to a new environment

Teaching Adults Vs Teaching Young Students

Using Ice-breakers and Activities when teaching


Module 2: Logistics of Teaching Online

Setting up your online classroom

Different Levels of students and how to teach them

Creating your own lessons

Adapting the syllabus to your lessons

Learner feedback, correction and development


​Module 3: Teaching the different aspects of English

Teaching Reading

Teaching Vocabulary

Teaching Grammar

Teaching Pronunciation

Setting up to conduct private academic tuitions

Benefits of the 120-hour TEFL course: 

The course content is unique and designed/updated to prepare you well for the world of online teaching today.

The course is fully online and self-paced.

Prepares you to teach both young students and adults

Lifetime access to the course.

Internationally recognized and accredited certification

Free digital resource booklet and updated list of companies to apply to.

Tutor support