Zia Teaching Academy


We have your back when it comes to your TEFL goals. We will support you as part of the ZIA Academy of Teachers, to navigate the sometimes tricky world of teaching abroad and online. Every step of the way will be guided by us if ne

Online training

For the TEFL course online training will be done virtually and all your theoretical information will become available to you once you sign up. Once you sign up you will receive a welcome message, a recipient of your purchase and information about the course via email. The course is self-paced, especially the theoretical aspect. Our webinars run throughout the weeks on certain days. However, if you do have a special case or emergency we will try to assist as much as we can and will reschedule your webinar to a more convenient time. (additional charges may apply for rescheduling to weekends and public holidays at R50 per webinar). Please note that our classroom training program is not available at the moment due to the current pandemic, Thus all our training will be done online. 

What can you do with a TEFL certification? 

A TEFL certification can be used to teach online or Teach English overseas. If you have no degree, there are countries and online teaching companies that will still accept you with just the TEFL although the pay may be slightly lower than someone with a degree.

If you do have a degree in Teaching you can apply anywhere in the world. If you have another degree with the TEFL you may get to teach a subject in your field such as science.

Job Support

Included in our TEFL course is interview preparation where we will do a mock interview with you, prepare you for questions in the interview as well as do a mock lesson with you which is done in most online company interviews. We will also touch up/create a CV for you and sign you up on authentic job portals. Apart from this we will also send you the names and links for online teaching companies that you can apply to.

​Additional support: If you have a TEFL and are struggling to find a job we will do an interview and mock lesson webinar for you along with CV refurbishment for a cost of R150.